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Trouble breathing...?

Question asked by zaxa11 on Sep 21, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2020 by AnnetteMM

My body is telling my mind I can't breathe.  That I need a cigarette to breathe.  Has anyone else experienced this?  It's driving me nuts.  And honestly, it's a little scary.  I take deep breaths and tell my mind it's my body having another one of it's childish fits for taking away the cigarettes.  This morning it was exceptionally hard.  This is day five.

I have some really cool friends... two in particular.  They make sure my computer is running.  One of them bought my neon colored straws to chew on and a bag of pretzels.  One bought me two bags of pretzels.  So I think I'm stocked on pretzels... and straws.

I appreciate everyone's help and advice.  And the blogs!

I do need to know about this breathing thing though.  Are there other things I could be doing?

Thank you,\