Redo of Nancy ( Youngatheart )

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Sep 4, 2020
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YoungAtHeart, whom happens to be one of my Elders who has been active in my quit since I came to Ex, is also one of the first people I ever painted. My first attempt was around a year ago when I first started painting humans .

My subject matter has mostly been wildlife and horses. So anyway, when I painted her before I used acrylics. This time it is in Oil. Acrylics are faster to dry and not as forgiving IMO. They also dry darker then when they are first applied.

So I am using Oils now on most all of them.


I am no pro. I did once have a busy mural business but I don't  do ladders or heights anymore, lol. I am really enjoying this portrait painting and I so many of you are willing to be my 'victims', as I learn this process. I have a to on my list to paint so if you are one of them, be patient...I will get to you . I also have commissioned work that often times takes priority over these, as I do not charge for the ones I do for all of you.  If you want to be added to list, message me.

DonnaMarie is next followed by a redo of MarilynH who was also one of my first.


Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone, stay safe!


Nancy :