Been Some Time

Discussion created by Linda239 on Jul 25, 2020
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Well here I am 7 1/2 years after I quit smoking!  I have stayed quit this whole time without even one puff!  I always said that IF I could ever quit I would NEVER smoke again!  After all this time I have never regretted my choice to quit and am still so very happy with my choice.  Sure life is still hard but it is manageable without cigarettes!  My original goal was to retire without having to be on oxygen or worse! I had been a smoker for 44 years and at one time was smoking 4 packs a day!  I remember how hard it was at first and just tried to stay extremely busy and then resorted to crying off and on, but still I kept my promise to myself.  So now here I am retired and not smoking and life for me is fantastic.  So those of you still finding your way through,  it is definitely a journey well worth it.  I wish nothing but the best for all of you and hoping you have a great group of supporters like I did.  So once more, thank you Dale Jones for helping me when it seemed no one else could.