One Day At A Time

Discussion created by RoseH on Jul 9, 2020
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Good Morning, Everyone

Just a reminder that quitting smoking is easy, in the beginning, if you take it... “just one day at a time”.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet!  Keep it simple!  And, come here often to get support!  We are all here to help!  And there is no such thing as “dying from a craving!"


Keeping it simple is very easy!  Just do NOT buy, beg or borrow a cigarette...  If you do NOT light up, you win!


One is NEVER enough and one thousand is not either!  No one can control addiction to Nicotine!


When I was in the ol’ we had a 3-Post Rule.  Come here first!  Do not weaken and light up!  Wait for three replies, when you ask for “help!”  By that time your craving should pass.  A craving means you are winning the battle!


I wish you all a very happy and smoke free Thursday, and let’s all keep our beautiful quits, ok?