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In my humble opinion, these two words, that I learned to use on the old website, helped me stay quit many times…  Knowledge is power!  Cravings come and go, in the beginning, but if you never light up, you will always win!


Remember H.A.L.T. if you get a craving for Nicotine!


These are four major triggers that can destroy your quit…


Hungry…  Eat a healthy snack and breathe deeply…  drink a large glass of water…


Angry…  A big trigger that can make you crave a cigarette…  Find ways online to calm yourself or look for articles on how to reduce stress.


Lonely…  Call or email a friend…  Get outside and take a walk…  Do some exercises…  A big glass of cold water ALWAYS helps a craving.  Lonely can also just mean bored…  Read a book or play a computer game.  Work a crossword puzzle etc.


Tired…  A big trigger when your mental defenses are weak…  Be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation.


N.O.P.E. means Not One Puff Ever!  You will never lose your quit if you just…  Do Not buy, beg or borrow a cigarette!  Abstinence, no matter what, will make and keep you a winner!


Get some Support from other quitters (Like me!)  It is paramount when your quit is new, or you are overwhelmed with emotions…  Having a Quit Buddy (like me!) is a recipe for success…  When you Give help to stay quit, that is also a great way to positively keep your own quit!


Romancing the Smoke is another great lesson from the old Q...  A cigarette is Not your “Friend” !!  It is a slow killer and creates a fake “euphoria” in your brain from the drug, Nicotine!  If you think about it, a cigarette does not last very long, but it will destroy your health, slowly and surely, if you let it...