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Hello friends.  Wow, who would have ever thought we'd all be on this journey.  Trapped and isolated from friends and family, unable to work and looking for help that never seems to come.  I Pray, with all my heart, that all of you are Safe and Healthy and that your family and friends are as well.  Prayer, whether you believe in it or not, is a comfort.

It's been a month that I closed my salon but while we are out of work bills and rent still needs to be paid and that, for many of us, drains our finances and adds stress and anxiety to our lives.  While the government appears to be helping Big Businesses and the little guy is left in the cold, my fear is losing my business and all that I put into it.  I fear many will be out of work or lose jobs when we begin to get back to normal; whatever the new normal is.

Those of us who are separated from loved ones continue to worry for them, especially our aging parents.  To assure they stay safe we are isolated from them and Hope and Pray they are doing well.  My mom, as you know, is in an assisted living facility and it's been a month since I've Seen her.  We talk via phone or Skype but the Human Connection isn't there and she's sad and lonely.

I know we'll all come out of this one day and I hope when we do it gives us a better appreciation of what we have and it brings each of us even closer to those we love.  

When we do begin to reopen where we live we Still have to take precautions and those precautions have to stick with us until there is a vaccine for this killer virus.  Now is not the time to relax, and we all know that.  I wish each of you Love and Safety and the ability to stay strong and fight the virus any way you can.

Love you all,