My Sadie died today....

Discussion created by Beck37 on Apr 5, 2020
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My Sadie died todayMy Sadie passed away today, she was 14.. She died as she lived, on her own terms. My heart is broken.  She was my feisty girl not afraid of anything. She started going blind at 2 years old and lost all vision about 3 years ago. You would have never known she couldn’t see. She never let it slow her down or keep her from doing anything. She survived an aggressive rectal cancer 3 years ago, 2 bad knees and cushins disease. The only time I ever heard her complain thru all of this was when she was hungry and sure that I had forgotten to feed them. She was both loving and incredibly independent at the same time. It all happened so fast. Everything was okay until last night. Heavy panting, couldn’t get comfortable. This morning, the same. Wouldn’t eat her morning cookies, but ate her pills and a piece of cheese.  Couldn’t get comfortable, laid  outside (she loved the fresh air).  I picked her up, cuddled her. Told her we were going to go bye bye to buy gas and go to Sonic for her milkshake. She LOVED Sonic. She loved their mini vanilla milkshakes. I heard her come into the house. Saw her laying in the laundry room. A few minutes later I looked in on her again and noticed her head laying down and thought, good she’s finally sleeping.....  She was gone..... she didn’t get her milkshake. She didn’t say goodbye. It was so fast. She didn’t suffer. My heart is broken. 

I did not smoke. I did not drink.