EMS - "Congratulations" Graphic  Game

Discussion created by manofsteele on Jun 10, 2008
EMS - Every Member Search - "Congratulations" Graphics Game

This game is partly credited to EX member EMS who was also a Game Room member. She suggested a Game that I have modified but named in her memory.

In this Game I am looking for the BEST "Congratulations" Graphics. They can be animated or static graphics. Members can also rate each others graphics on a 1-10 scale (worst-best).

To be able to reply to the proper Graphic Please use the Top Reply area for all Graphic entries EXCEPT if there is only ONE Reply on the page. For Some reason you must use the Reply under the First Reply to make a Second Reply BUT the Third and Following Replies should use the Top Reply area. Then you can rate the Graphics by using the Reply underneath the Graphic.

So Lets Start with your best "Congratulations" Graphics and you can submit multiple "Congratulations" Graphics.