Everything about this virus sucks

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Mar 29, 2020
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A friend has died. I knew it would happen eventually. Doesn't make it any easier.


My smoking urges are as strong as they were when I quit 468 days ago, including my clenched teeth that I experienced in the early days of my quit. I WILL NOT SMOKE. I want to make that clear. But it's just shocking how the underlying stress I didn't even know I was experiencing is manifesting itself.


Today, I woke up not giving a rat's hiney about anything and totally didn't want to get up. So I stayed in bed till 10. It didn't help to finally get up, but I did. I did make a brunch for the three of us and it was okay. My husband could tell I wasn't myself and said "let's go for a walk." So we harnessed and leashed the dog and went to our favorite walking place. A lot of people had the same idea. I saw kids riding their bikes in a big parking lot, people walking, jogging, and all that fun stuff, all while keeping their distance from everyone. 


I have a lot of cuss words to add here to express how I really feel about coronavirus and its effects on our world, but I'll keep them to myself.


Please be safe everyone.  


Congrats to all of us for not smoking!



Humor helps