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My senior EXercise class has shut down.  I haven't been exercising on a regular basis. I am going to reset and restart to renew my body.  I will be doing this 30-day challenge, along with other activities to get back on track to feeling better.  My body needs a serious boost. I think this will pump it up and jumpstart it because it works for me.  It may not work for you.  No arm twisting here. Therefore, I will be doing this again. Hopefully making it to the 30 days. If you want to join fine, if not I understand no need to EXcuse yourself just keep it MOVING like you always do.  Let's Get Moving Part 3 Alternative MOVES are fine.  In other words, do the best you can do.  Each day we comment that we met or did not meet the challenge.  Offer support or suggestions on how to get through. 






Modified Jumping Jacks - HASfit Low Impact Exercises - Low Impact Exercise - YouTube 


Modified Squats (sit and stand from chair) - YouTube 

youtube walk with leslie - - Video Search Results