10 Years Celebration!

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Restart. Reset. Readjust. Refocus.

As many times as you need to. Just don't quit the Quit Journey!

I was a serial quitter. I would launch my quit and lapse into smoking again and again.

If you would have asked my addicted self why: I always had an excuse –

  • Life is stressful
  • deserve to smoke
  • My brand was on sale - too good a deal to pass up
  • I haven't had a smoke in so long...
  • Just one won't hurt!
  • What nobody else but me knows won't hurt me
  • Yadayadayada...

The truth, I found out the hard way, is:

  • Life with COPD is even more stressful!
  • I deserve to live Addiction FREE!
  • A bargain isn't a bargain if it slowly kills you!
  • I proudly haven't had even one puff in Ten Years!
  • Just one is a Nico-Lie! They travel in packs!
  • My body, mind, and spirit know and they hurt each of these deeply!

HOORAY for me, I’m in the one percent club! I earned my DD, One Month, TD, 6%, 2%, Comma, and now 1% one single decision and each day at a time for 3653 days in a row!

The difference is all in Attitude! That’s where BecomeanEX came in for me. Before I could always talk myself out of quitting, with BecomeanEX I learned to talk myself out of excuses and into Smoking Cessation.

This Community broke down the Nico-Lies and exposed the Truth. One thing about truth is once you know the truth you can’t unknow it.

If this is your first exploration of Smoking Cessation or your twentieth, BecomeanEX will help you find your way.

We tell you how to get through the first days of withdrawal, the mental twists that follow, the dark days of No Man’s Land when folks frequently relapse, and then the 2 years of seasons, and the long haul.

We don’t sugar coat that it is easy to quit smoking – it is not easy for the vast majority of us. But we tell the Truth. We wake up that addicted brain again and again.

How do we know what thoughts are going through your head? Because Addiction is simple. It’s predictable. And that makes it beatable!

You are unique but addiction has a pattern, rhythm, gnawing compulsion that we have all experienced. We were there.

Now we’re here – where you wish to be. Stick to the Community every day for as long as it takes. We’ll help you -


And if needed RESTART!


And WIN each and every day you’re way to Addiction FREEDOM!

P.S. Thank you BecomeanEX Community for showing me the way! You know who you are! Without you I wouldn’t be here now!

I didn’t think I could make it for 10 days, let alone 10 Years! I’m eternally grateful and blessed to have this Community!

Happy Spring!!!!