Teach or Learn Experiment

Discussion created by manofsteele on May 10, 2008
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Teach or Learn Experiment

Do You have a talent or hobby you could teach someone else or try to answer their questions about it.

Is there a talent or hobby you want to learn about and wish you had someone that could help you?

I Bet we have some talented people here and I want to know if you have a Talent or Hobby that you could help teach someone else learn about in that specific area. I am betting others will want to learn and ask questions to the ones showing some type of expertise in an area.

Joe - I am able to teach others about Auto Mechanics ....

Tom - Joe is it easy to change your own brake pads?

Joe - If you have tools the job requires ...................blah blah blah ... yada yada yada

Any Teachers or Students out here ?

I will start ....

I can be a Teacher. I have been a internet marketing webmaster since 1994 and can help most people with internet websites and related areas depending on my schedule. Anybody need any EX site help at all?