One year quit.... almost

Discussion created by BobKatt22 on Jan 31, 2020
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29 days from now, one year ago I smoked my last sicarette, I’m not bragging by no means but I feel really good about my quit. I never thought I’d get this far. March 1, 2019 was my first day of freedom. It has been a long road I will not lie, there have been MANY TIMES that I just wanted to throw in the towel and give o. To my addiction. But I just chose not to smoke. A friend of mine kept telling me to remember JFT and NOPE. I thought that it was easy for her to say she already had her year in and was working on her 2nd year, she couldn’t possibly understand where I was coming from. Well I know now that she knew exactly what I was going through!!!! Please if you are new to this or are thinking about quitting take it one day at a time, one moment at a time, one day plus one day adds up to 2 days, one week plus one week adds up to 2 weeks, one month plus one month adds up to 2 months , it really isn’t long before your first year creeps up on you!! That other group had a “ grand staircase “ for one year newbies I wish this group celebrated similar milestones! JFT I WILL NOT SMOKE, and I will take NOT ONE PUFF EVER....... thanks Gail you’ve been my rock that God gave me to lean on!