I Can’t Believe It!!!!!

Discussion created by Magnolialane on Jan 31, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2020 by Barbscloud

In 2 days I will be 1 year quit after smoking 30 years. Please believe you can do it!!!! I used Chantix and cut down to 1/2 a cig a day after 4 weeks. Once I got to this point I just decided I was done. I then switched to lifesavers and literally ate the one right after the other for about a month. I still get fleeting cravings, but they are getting fewer and farther between. I dint like smelling smokers in stores. It is the stinkiest smell. I can’t believe I smelled this way to others. I’ve gained about 20 pounds, but I’m very slowly taking that off. I’m so very proud of myself. Good luck to all you quitters out there. You can do it.