Last Word Sentence Game

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Last Word Sentence Game

Ok, this is an oldie, but a goodie, and can go on forever without duplication. We’ll take a word, such as SmokeAway, and using each letter of that word (in order) make a new sentence out of it.

I’ll start you off: SMOKEAWAY:

Sometimes Mornings Only Keep Everyone Awake While Awkwardly Yawning.

The next person will take the last word of the previous sentence,
(in this case, Yawning) and make a new sentence from it.

Try to have it make at least a LITTLE sense...

The longer the last word of your sentence is, the more fun it is to see what the next person can come up with!

So will some one make a sentence using the letters in - YAWNING

Please reply using the very top of the page reply area...ok?

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