Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Discussion created by Margaretd Champion on Dec 29, 2019
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If you are like me, you tried many, many times to quit.  I tried different physical supports to quit, Chantix, patches, gum, and more.  Nothing worked for me until I changed my frame of thinking. Please share your successes/tips/suggestions on how you quit.  Here's mine;


I credit my quit with many things (my resolve, support from quit communities, and more)


But, I quit this time because  I did something different.  I started viewing the craves as something good instead of something bad.  By doing that, I stopped fearing the cravings and I started embracing them as they came.  In a manner of speaking, I looked the devil in the eyes and tried to understand him.  


From this I learned, at first, the craves came every 20 minutes, lasted approximately 2 minutes.  When they came I "experienced" them. I was willing to ride the wave of the crave so to speak. I didn't try to run away from them, I ran to them.  Talk about sucking the power out of those craves, that thinking certainly did.  


I have been smoked free for 933 days.  I view myself always as in recovery from nicotine and I never underestimate the power of nicotine. I give it (nicotine) its due as a very formidable force, nothing to play with.  I can never, ever have just one, there is no such thing for this nicotine addict.


Please share some of your mental gymnastics of how you quit nicotine.