I haven't vaped in a week!!! I need to tell someone :)

Discussion created by sortner on Dec 1, 2019
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I had to stop smoking when my daughter turned 3 and I knew she could maybe remember what I was doing.  I turned to e-cigs.  I did the vaping thing for years then found the JUUL and LOOOOVED it!!! It was so convenient.  It didn't smell, it was compact and I could do it anywhere and no one knew.  I always kept it on me and used it almost constantly. Every chance I got. Even at work or in the car with my kids when they were asleep (windows down). I'm so ashamed.

I told my husband I quit last May, but I just hid it from him.  Now all this scary stuff is coming out about kids on ventilators because of using e-cigs.  I love vaping, but I can't let that happen to me. My family needs me and it's time to make a change.  So, for the first time in 20 years, I haven't inhaled anything into my lungs in over a week. I have been using the gum, but I've noticed I don't need it as much through out the day (Unless I'm drinking). I'm seeing the benefits already.  I'm not running to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I'm spending more time with my family.  No one knows about my addiction.  I've hidden it from everyone.  I'm tired of lying and sneaking and deception.  The gum has worked so great. I wish I had tried it years ago. I might be in a better place now.  Unfortunately, I am eating more than I would like.  I'm going to have to keep a check on that. I still have my weak moments where I want a hit so bad.  So glad to find this group where I can get support where I need in.