Juicin' It

Discussion created by DavesTime on Nov 21, 2019
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It's amazing how quitting smoking leads one to make other healthy changes in one's life!


For the past few years my employer has participated in an incentive program to promote employee wellness.  It consists of options in the areas of exercise, healthy eating, financial and spiritual wholeness, and so forth.  For each activity or goal that is met points are awarded.  Once the employee reaches a certain amount of points he/she get a reduction in the employee health insurance for the coming year.  In the past years I have met the first point goal level and received the insurance reduction, but I only tried to earn enough points to reach that first level (and, despite the strong encouragement to live a tobacco-free lifestyle, I never tried hard to quit).  This past year, after I quit, I was much more intentional about exercising and pursuing other health-enhancing activities.  And....because I accrued an additional two levels of points, I earned a $100 gift card to Amazon.  I figured the best way to use that gift card was to get something health-related.  So I ordered a juicing machine and this afternoon I made my very first juice concoction.  Here it is!