Kudos to a 10 Year Quittter - Sootie

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Sootie

I frankly can't remember the beginning of your quit, Sootie.   But I do know the support that you have offered over the years.  Unending and unbiased.  With an eye able to see both points of view and express yours in a beautifully open-minded way.  You are a levener here as far as I'm concerned.  A levener being defined as "a substance used to produce fermentation."   I think of that as fermentation of thought processes and growth.  For me you have always been one who has prompted me to think in a new, and challenging way at times.  Your open-minded approach has caused, or perhaps a better word -  "enabled" me to open my own mind in an attempted similar fashion.  You show me what the word "equanimity" truly means.  Thank you for that and thank you for you and for your beautiful 10 year quit with us. You had a very long quit before this one.  (Twenty years, wasn't it?  Or am I thinking of someone else?)  If that's true - say it again will you.  


Anyway - you've always been my levening agent here, the calm in the storm of my own thoughts.  And I'm grateful for all you've taught me.  Just sayin'!