Vote on Where the Next EX Reunion Happens

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Nov 13, 2019
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Just a reminder - only a few days left.  EX 8 - Pick the Place! 


Everybody is welcome!  It really is a very special occasion when "avatars come to life."   Some here have been to all 7 reunions.  I've had the fortune to attend two of them.  It's a nourishing, fun, loving experience.  I highly recommend it!  We're all on the same team to everlasting Freedom from the slavery of nicotine addiction.  Join us if you can!  Especially newbies.  It can help cement your quit.  (And if you room with someone, the hotel will cost you half!)


EX 7 photos:  Virginia Beach EX7 Return To Virginia Beach Slideshow by exfriends2013 | Photobucket   EX Weekend 2019 - Virginia Beach   and  Group Photos 


EX 3 photos Nashville:  EX3 - Nashville 2015 by exfriends2013 | Photobucket