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Discussion created by Cousin-Itt on Nov 8, 2019
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  A smoking acquaintance came up to me and wanted to know how I quit smoking and he heard theirst week is the hardest  I informed him he should pick a date 2 or no more then 3 weeks down the road. During this time learn as much as he can about quitting.  Told him to decide how to quit Cold Turkey or the use of NRT and if using NRT he should talk to his doctor. I mentioned  Allen Carr's book and different websites and how being in a community of ex smokers  help.

Now comes my problem He asked me if that's the way I quit and if I used NRT and how hard was the first week.

I had to say no that was not the way I quit, I don't know if you call being in a induced comma on a ventilator 4 out of the first 7 days  is a NRT  the first 2 weeks of my quit I was in a hospital.

I felt bad as I really couldn't answer his question The only thing I really know is I craved like anyone else when I got home from the hospital.

What could I have done differently   I've been asked if I quit Cold Turkey or used NRT don' know what to tell them 

What do you think