When will it end???

Discussion created by Scare1971 on Nov 7, 2019
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Hello I am new to EX.... I have been a smoker on and off since I was 13, now 48. I have quit once for 2 years then typical me when stress is overwhelming I picked the habit back up. I have recently found out I have heart disease and just had 4 stents placed almost 3 weeks ago. I was terrified!! That was it I was done!! Yes I quit for 20 days....What happens today...WORK Stress is the devil for me, I let it stress me till all I think I have to help is smoking. So yes I started back up, all I had worked so hard for down the drain. I was on Chantix for a bit, but the craziness of that drug was too much for me. I do hear maybe just taking a half dose is much better, but I dont know. Im thankful to have found this support group and to learn how all you wonderful people have kicked this horrible habit!!