24 hours away....from being ONE YEAR

Discussion created by Kelly16 on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by Giulia

Aaahhh I can hardly believe this. Honestly, it's mind-blowing to me that a year ago today was the last time I smoked a cigarette. I can't sit here and say "time just flew by" because there were so many times that were long and difficult, where I felt continuing my quit was an impossible feat. I choose not to look back on those times, mostly because it is hard for me to relive- once was quite enough. I am stronger than I ever thought possible and this might sound lame, but  I am most proud of myself for quitting smoking than I am with any other thing in my life. That is how hard quitting this addiction can be. It feels amazing to be able to say that I am out of the woods with nicotine. I don't frequent this site anymore because it is hard for me to read about people's struggles, people's first days into their journey. I feel bad that I can't be much support for others, but I need to focus on looking forward and since I don't think about smoking anymore I'd rather not force it by visiting the site. But I can say that it gets easier, and it's the best decision I've ever made. You're stronger than you think, and you'll only realize that when you put yourself to the test. 


Good luck to everyone, and thank you for your support during my journey.