I have a vaping disease, and this is how i feel.

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What a crook. 
Nic the frickin atrocity

played my curiosity

by the book. 
Nic you make me sick,

always noxious,

like a fool i was took. 
Nicky you really did it

I admit it

you hooked me good. 
I was caught not lookin by a juul. 
So i copped one on last day of school. 
That was my last day of innocence. 
Yeah that was last day of breathing in all the way. 

Hows that? You ask me
The side effects are what took me in to get a test. 
the dire effects of smoking Juuls out of spite

i even trued doing it through my nostrils a couple of times

i thought the buzz, was the reason of living a life plus

Last month i went to the hospital and saw a doc. 

turns out that thanks to vapes my life has a clock. 
At first it wasn't a shock at all. 

Big whoop i have a nodule. 
there goes college and hockey and all

of the things you love of being alive at all. 
But the closer the clock ticks 

the worse that my thoughts get. 

I feel so lost, its dark, and my soul, it isn't there. 
i feel like people just act like they really care.

I just want a hug, some love, somebody anywhere. 
The only thing that can save me is getting more air. 
but every day it feels like my family is getting prepared. 
prepared for the day that I die because I'm so careless. 

I wanna blame juuls for encouraging me. 
to use flavored nicotine and hurting me. 
they did it on purpose

Those sons of ******* deserve to be

served with my slow murder in the third degree. 

throw them in the hearse with me.
make them sit there and look and what they did.
i hope they hate it. Look what you did to a kid who just turned 18.  
I might not make it to my next poem. 
Im subliminal, so they might not let this text be shown.