Veal in Vermouth

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I love cooking with alcohol and sometimes I put it in the food!!!!!! Seriously if you add wine etc to a dish remember the cooking burns off the alcohol so you are just left with the great flavour! Here is a simple but tasty supper dish which is not too time consuming so can be cooked for your guests without you leaving the table too long missing the gossip being stuck for ever in the kitchen !

SERVES 4 You will need 4 escalopes of veal, 2 oz of butter, a very large glass of dry white vermouth, 4 tablespoons of double (heavy?) cream or creme fraiche, 1 tablespoon cranberry jelly.

Toss the veal in seasoned flour (pepper salt and herbs of your liking) Melt the butter in a large frying pan - fry the veal - veal escalopes do not take long to cook about 5 mins either side to get them brown and cooked. Remove veal and place on a warmed dish, cover and keep warm. Add the vermouth to the butter and meat juices and stir in the cranberry jelly - boil rapidly to thicken - when the sauce has thickened add the cream and mix well pour over the veal and serve.

I accompany this meal with a crisp green salad and roast potatoes - try adding a sliver or two of garlic into the oil that you roast the potatoes in to give them extra flavour. I always par-boil potatoes before I roast them i.e. I heat the oil in the roasting pan in the oven meanwhile I bring the potatoes to the boil in a saucepan boil for a few minutes then drain return them to the saucepan and shake thoroughly before carefully tipping them into the roasting pan and oven roast.