The Battle with The NicoDemon

Discussion created by mdkrn2001 on Sep 1, 2019
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.I read a blog this morning that was was about Mindset. I had been smoking since I was 13-14 for a total of about 30+ years. I smoked about 1 1/2 packs/day. My place of employ announced they were going smoke-free on the entire campus so I started up the Chantix a month ago and have been smoke-free for 3 weeks. I have quit before but only for a couple months. I still fight the desires to smoke daily...i find it a terrible battle EVER SINGLE DAY. I don’t think it is anything more than my mindset is not in the right place. I know I need to quit smoking regardless,  but my mind keeps romancing the thoughts of WHY smoking COULD help me....All rediculous reasons of course, but the mind is an amazing and powerful tool. I believe that once I get to the mentation of why not to smoke, as opposed to the reason I did actually quit (which was because my workplace is going smoke free), I will be more comfortable with this quit, and the quit will then be so much easier....that is the battle in my mind  and yes, it SUCKS, and yes it’s Hard. I know I can do this, but then that NicoDemon is constantly in my ear telling me reasons why I can smoke and how to get around the issue with no smoking at work...uggggggg. It all goes back to what Marilyn had said....MINDSET....but for me, my mindset is not quite there yet and I believe 100% that is the reason I am still battling this every single day, is because I am doing this quit for my Job and NOT for myself