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Heavy smokers

Question asked by mitchws1725 on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Genesislazarus

Hi - 


You have all helped me before.  I will be using Zyban and my quit date is September 15th.

I have read articles, Allen's book and I have an anxious feeling about triggers.


I am a heavy smoker - I smoke all the time,  chain smoke - what do I do?  The trigger thing is so 

specific and is making me nervous.  I have read the 100 things to do instead of smoking and I smoke

when I do most of them now!!!  I am not a "bath" person and due to feet and knee issues I don't just go

on a walk when ever I "need" to.

I also have major depression, so... I am worried.

Have any of you been chain smokers and quit?  What helped you when the triggers/cravings hit?

Thank you for sharing - it is greatly appreciated!