I finally came clean

Discussion created by Cushka76 on Aug 27, 2019
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 So after nine years of being a vapor, I came clean with my doctor. I have been seen on and off twice a year for allergy-like symptoms including wheezing coughing congestion asthma-like symptoms. In fact that's what they diagnosed me with. But I knew better, I knew that I was vaping almost 10 hours a day. I didn't tell my doctor because I was afraid and almost embarrassed, because I had quit smoking so long ago I didn't want them to judge me for choosing to pick up this habit.

So after I came clean, my doctor x-rayed my lungs and said I'm very lucky they do look exactly the same as they did a while back so I have a fresh start and I'm going to take it. I can no longer stand vaping because it has cost me my ability to walk up a flight of steps without catching my breath, it has caused me to cough up the most horrendous mucus everyday. I'm only forty-three and I can't imagine if I did this when I was a teenager. I really worry about the kids today smoking the small cigarettes from the gas stations because they are pretty potent. I want to do as much as I can to prevent it and put the truth out there it's just another habit. Nothing should be inhaled into your lungs ever except for oxygen.