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Discussion created by Dobguyexsmoker1 on Aug 25, 2019
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Me and famToday is day 51 of my no smoking journey and I never thought I would last even a day! But, I did and I'm very proud of myself. 

My smoking started in the Marine Corps back in the early 80s and I smoked and drank on and off for over three decades. I wanted to quit but outside influences and my own addictive personality hooked me on smokes early on. Anxiety from an abusive family and my dad's suicide were the perfect storm for me to become a smoker. Add a military lifestyle to the mix and presto, another smoker was created. 

My reason for quitting is at 56 I have dodged a lot of bullets and I am still here. I have a 17 year old son who I want to see me as a non smoker. And now he is so glad I quit. And so am I. I know I have a long way to go but am thankful for being able to remain smoke free for 51 days!

Being a Marine Corps veteran and a former electrician I have always taken the rough roads to any type of success in life. I consider myself a survivor of abuse and of family suicide. I have also suffered from my own depression especially after having meningitis in 2005 which almost killed me. I believe I was spared for some reason I don't really know because I should of  been gone years ago. 

Smoking is the last vice I have and now I am smoke free for 51 days as well as being alcohol free for 13 years.