Quitting the JUUL

Discussion created by bResebR6 on Aug 8, 2019
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Hi everyone, I just joined and I'm glad to see this is a safe space for me to talk. This is basically my JUUL story: my friend owned one and told me to try it and when I did, I coughed and my lungs felt terrible, but I got a massive headrush. From then, I didn't properly own a JUUL until about January of 2018. Then, I didn't really get addicted until October of 2018. It's been almost a year of being addicted to the JUUL and I have hit it every day since then. I take it with me to school, every single party/hangout, work, and even on trips (as in taking them on airplanes and to vacations). I really want to quit. After learning about the lung damage from the teen who got a lung disease and black dots on his lungs and about the boy getting a stroke, I knew it was time for me to quit. I also knew that I needed to quit after my lungs themselves started hurting, but I can't stop. It keeps me concentrated and without it, I get distracted thinking about the JUUL. I have a lot of work coming up and that's the only thing maintaining my stress levels. I'm so dependent on it. If anyone is going through the same thing then please let me know your coping mechanisms. To anyone who successfully quit the JUUL, please give me tips and methods of how you did so. Thanks.