It's All in Your Mind

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~~What consumes your mind, controls your life.~~  Unknown 


Quitting doesn't have to be a negative experience.  It truly doesn't.  Your symptoms...while negative...are simply a sign that you are remaining smoke free (and isn't that what you wanted?!).  So while maybe you can't 'get over it' and maybe you can't get rid of the blahs and maybe you can't be 'happy', there are so many things that you can do to make your quit better.  Want a list?  Here goes...…..


1.  Wake up each morning and before you even get out of bed, list three things you're grateful for.  Make them personal, make them from your heart, and truly feel them.  

2.  Laugh at least 10 times a day.  Real, true, deep belly laughs that make you tear up and maybe just pee a little.  Laughter heals.

3.  Do something new every day.  Even if it is just talking to a stranger in line or mowing a neighbor's lawn or buying your boss a donut on the way to work.  Make it a priority and make it something that will make you smile as you do it.  

4.  Make a beautiful list of the reasons why you are quitting.  Buy some poster board, some crafty items like glitter, glue, and sticky letter and make your list shine!!  Then post it where you can see it each and every day!!  

5.  Learn how to talk to yourself.  Seriously.  Stop with the 'I'm gonna try' and the 'I hope it lasts' and all the weak wording that gives you permission to lose your quit.  You are a warrior!!  You will do this!!  You are QUIT!!  Be fierce, be firm, be real.  Quitting isn't a joke and it isn't a game.  Once you quit, own it.  Take care of it.  Nurture it.  It's giving you life.

6.  Physical activity is a must!!  Get out and walk for even 5 minutes!  Dance around the house.  Learn yoga.  Take a Zumba class.  Join a bowling league.  Get out of your head and into the world!!

7.  Nature also heals.  Plant a garden.  Take a hike.  Sip hot tea in a gazebo somewhere.  Allow nature to calm you and help you heal.

8.  Remind yourself daily that life will happen.  Whether you are smoking or not, it will happen.  It's ok.  Bad times are NOT bad days.  Do not make mountains out of mole hills.  Do not wallow in the negatives.  You will have them, yes.  You will feel them, also yes.  But they will pass as well.  Love yourself through them.

9.  Tell your family and friends what you need to hear during the first months of your quit.  My family told me I smelled good daily....because they remembered I asked them to.  And I said it to myself as well.  Because it was true...I smelled lovely   Still do!

10.  I don't understand how grown adults get 'bored'.  When my kids used to say they were bored, I gave them something to do.  They only said it once   If you are 'bored', play a game...talk to someone...get a pet....laugh at a joke...come here and post...turn up the music and rock it out....read a good book....get a jigsaw puzzle...volunteer at a nursing home or pet shelter...just DO SOMETHING!!  Bored is for kids, not for those who know better

11.  Food is going to taste soooo good you may eat....everything.  This probably isn't a good idea long term.  But the first week?  Eat whatever you want.  Really.  And then make a plan to NOT eat everything you want.  Get some zip lock bags and put in healthy snacks....flavored toothpicks...cinnamon sticks.....and leave them places you may need them.  Like the car, your office, or other places you feel anxious and need a food fix

12.  Remember you are giving yourself a precious, precious gift.  Quitting just may save your life.  Treat it well.  Treat you well.  Sleep a lot.  Pamper yourself with a bubble bath or a manicure or a round of golf on a weekday. Yes, you deserve it!!!  

13.  When you feel weak, it doesn't mean you are going to fail or lose your quit.  It means you are at a vulnerable spot and may need support to remind you that you are, in fact, the opposite of weak.  So come here or phone a friend or text a quit coach.  We will offer a shoulder, a word of advice, an ear.  Whatever you need. Its ok.

14.  I think one of the most amazing things about quitting is that you begin to blossom into who you were always meant to be.  No more hiding behind a smoke cloud.  No more isolating yourself from your own feelings.  You are a remarkable human being....and you WILL begin to realize that if you give yourself time.  Allow yourself to change, to grow, and delight in the you that's emerging!!  Your talents, your skills, your personality will bloom.  Just wait!!  You are going to be so pleased with who you are!!

15.  Keep a "Let It Rest" journal.  At the end of the day, write down the things that worried you, bothered you, angered you.  Write it out as completely as you can...and then let it rest there.  Don't bring yesterday's problems into today.  You made it through and you are still standing   The stress, the anxiety, the anger....you felt it, you got through it, and now it's time to let it rest.  Once you actually see your words, you may feel lighter.

16.  Just as first thing in the morning gratitude, do it before bed as well.  3 things you are grateful for.  Going to bed with positive thoughts helps you sleep better and wake in a more positive frame of mind

17.  Sometimes support in our worlds can be hard to find.  Then it's time to learn how to become your own best friend...your own cheering section...your own support.  In other words, get to know who you are and LIKE you.  Even your flaws.  Even your faults.  Live with integrity, live with honor for who you are, take responsibility for your bloopers, and learn to forgive.  You are going to see in time the remarkable, strong, amazing human being you truly are.  Enjoy your own company.  Take yourself out to a movie.  Applaud your efforts.  Carry yourself through chaos.  Don't let yourself down anymore.  Be your own hero.

18.  Own your quit.  Truly, forever, own it.  It is yours to create as you want it to be.  You are not a victim of your quit...whimpering, weak, incapable.  You ARE your quit.  Make it funny.  Make it courageous.  Make it creative.  Give it life.  Sing through it.  Ask questions about it.  Explore it.  Discover it.  Enjoy it.


There are so many more positive ways to help you quit....but I know that all of you here on EX will hopefully fill in the blanks  

Your quit is yours to make it what you want....and you have the power to make it positive or negative.  You can quit either way, I promise.  Just don't smoke