The City of New York

Discussion created by green1611 on Jul 11, 2019
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I visited the City of New York last week. It was my first time to go to New York.  Nice tall skyline. Beautiful Time Square, Wall Street, Centra Park so and so forth. Really live city, happening city, and night.


While I enjoyed being there, it was surprise for me, because as I walk on the street, passing through the Ave, used to get strong smell of cigarette smoking. Many office goers, visitors, business doers,  choose to smoke on the street, side of the roads, footpaths, next to eating places, hotels ..every where.


For the Ex smoker like us, it was disturbing, while you try to avoid passing through the smoking guy, and try to go little away, the other smoker will pass through you from other side, leaving huge smoke. You forcefully become passive smoker at least for some time.


It did disturb my brain who had Nicotine demon sitting somewhere still.....Thanks to almighty, that I did not urge to smoke a cigarette. Not even thought of . Is it something some one experienced? 


There are no specified smoking places in New York? It is legal to smoke on the street? not sure.I understood one thing, you need to learn quitting, be safe, even if you are in such odd places !  


Smoke Free since 2053 days !... still struggled a little in New York.