Fell off the wagon after 4 years :(

Discussion created by Alyssadone on Jul 5, 2019
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So I had to reset my quit date for today after 4 years being smoke free. I picked up again for really no reason at all, boredom I guess. I made a mistake and assumed I could have one and forgot N.O.P.E. I’m really mad at myself that I did not have the strength for just one and within a few weeks I bought a pack, then another. I’m starting over again and I know I can do it. As disappointing as it is, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I can’t have just one. I also hated it this time around. I smelled bad, had to explain to people that I used to smoke, and realized even more what a waste of money it is. So glad this sir is here to hold me accountable and I’m looking forward to hitting my new milestones again.