No Excuses

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Jun 30, 2019
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  Hope this comes off with the intent I want it to and not a scolding.

  Many of us during our quit journey slipped up and gave in a number of times bringing us back to the pull of the Nico-demon.  Smoke me you'll feel better.  I just need One cigarette to get through the day.  I'll quit tomorrow, etc.

  That was me many times and as I think back to my previous quits I realized that I didn't have faith in myself or the strength to get through a few minutes of withdrawals.  Had I kept focused, instead of soon celebrating my One Year Quit I would be celebrating Year 4.  Sure, what's done is done and now I am a non smoker but look at all the years it took.

  My message in this post is to say BE STRONG.  Don't let it take you a number of years to be smoke free.  Stand your ground, face your fears and reach out for support. Scream, Cry, Shout; do whatever it takes to stay on this amazing journey.