Day 60

Discussion created by Andstillirise on Jun 13, 2019
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Today is day 60 of my quit . To celebrate I bought some new lululemon work out clothes and a few tennis skirts . 


Since quitting I’ve picked up a few new hobbies . I just started kayaking at the lake by my house and playing tennis with a man I’m dating ( he’s a non smoker) 


i still am struggling with being ridiculously emotional to the point if I see a single mom at the city bus stop with a small child I burst into tears or a song that reminds me of my last marriage makes me tear up . I know now it’s just I smoked for so long I used cigarettes to stuff my feelings . 



One of my biggest fears was gaining weight . So far I have not only not gained weight but I’m more tone from being so much more active physically!!!



I still come here and read  almost daily , it helps to know others go through the same feelings and struggles . 


This community is amazing ! Thank you for all you do !