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Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Jun 13, 2019
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Phone just rang.  "Hello?"  Pause.  "Hello is this Mrs. Bri....? " (pronounced the name wrong).  My antenna is on alert.  "Yes."  Pause.  He asked another question to which I answer a terse "yes."  "I'm calling from Medicare."  Antenna is vibrating now.  He  then said something about my having arthritis.  My brain is sending LOUD warning signals.  It's odd because I just had some xrays taken and found out two days ago that I have severe arthritis.  Coincidence?  Whatever the case it was disturbing.  Brain is churning.  Why would Medicare have that info?  Why would they be calling?  I think for a minute and then say:  "I've never knows Medicare to call."  That's when he hung up.


Then I realized I might have already blown it because I said "Yes."  Which means they might have taped my voice.  That recorded "yes" response can get hackers into accounts over the telephone.


I'm still very disturbed about this "coincidence" of having just been diagnosed with arthritis and this call.  Logic dictates that they might have hacked into the Medicare files and that a lot of people on Medicare have arthritis, so it may have no real connection to my recent xray diagnosis.  However I do have a patient portal set up with the diagnostic place.  And I did log into it to view my xrays.  Disturbing.


Word to the wise.  What your backs - not only with this addiction.