Mini Withdrawls

Discussion created by Gwenivere on May 16, 2019
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I think I already know the answer to this, but it crossed my mind and thought I would toss it out there.  When I smoked, I never woke up in withdrawl as talked about when we quit.  No tremors, sweats, etc.  within an hour I would have one. I am guessing the biggie is when it has been days when hell starts and the body flips out.  Using NRT's keeps things a bit more tolerable for me.  But wow, it’s the worst thing even with those I ever experienced and still am at over 5 months.  What I find interesting is often the supplements feel like too much nicotine when I get much less than when I smoked.  


I talked to a guy I saw vaping the other day.  He said it was just like smoking with the instant gratification.  He said he hadn’t smoked in years since doing it.  Don’t know what to make of that.  Seems like smoking to me just without all the additives.