Feeling the stress

Discussion created by Andstillirise on May 15, 2019
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Day 32 and I’ve been doing really okay minus the constipation ( it’s been corrected ) and paranoia about weight gain .

but ....I’ve been walking and jogging like crazy when I feel stress or I get cravings and they melt away with the running 


I suffer from pretty bad seasonal allergies in April and May and have taken allergy meds for years ....


They have been so bad the past two days I ate some nuts and had a severe reaction.  Bad enough  my family dr wanted me to go to hospital and get iv steroids and antihistamines. 

The ER dr told me not to be outdoors for any length time ie exercising ! 


This happened Monday and now I’m feeling very anxious and stressed . The cravings are bad and while I’ve been distracting myself doing other stuff , they don’t work as good as running or walking . 


Im thinking about driving 30 miles and going to a gym to use the treadmill until I can ge outdoors agsin . I’m usually okay by first week of June . 


This is turning out to be one of the worst allergy seasons in Dallas area in decades . 


Just wanted to vent and say I don’t feel as strong or confident as I did when I was exercising all the time .