Those who have past still near?

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Apr 7, 2019
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On Saturday at work while working on a client I saw my grandfather who had passed in 1969.  It was a brief second and after the smell of burning leaves.  When I was a kid I would help him rake up the leaves and put them in a large barrel then burn them.  Every time I smell burning leaves I know grandpa is near me.  The client that I was working on grabbed my hand and asked if she could ask me a question.  I was shocked when she asked if I knew a tall, bald, older man with a cane whose name she thought was Italian.  I guess my eyes caused her to realize that I did.  I told her yes, that was my grandfather who died in 1969.  She said, he's standing next to you smiling.  With that I told her how odd it was that I already knew because I saw him and told her about the burning leaves.  She felt his love for me and thinks he was there because of my mom, his daughter.  Then I felt a touch on my shoulder and immediately she said his hand is on your shoulder.

 Just wondering if grandpa wants me to know it's ok what my sister and I are doing and he understands.