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Inbox Funcked up- what's going on here?

Question asked by Giulia Champion on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by JACKIE1-25-15

(((EDIT:  Just saw your post,  Mark, so you can ignore this.)))



I just checked and the image below is what's showing.  All these are from 2009.  Probably because of the latest import of our old pages, but until this moment the normal inbox, current material was on top.  Yowza!  So something has happened.  Jive is jiving to a different tune!  Now no current posts are showing in the inbox.  



PS EDIT.  It seems like part of the material I'm getting is a post meant for someone else.  Like the example below looks like a post Mike made on JoAnne's page, perhaps?  Why am I seeing it?  Unless he copied and sent it to me on my page?  Makes no sense.  No, I just checked some other inbox messages and there are others from Mike that don't relate to me or my page at all.  So are we suddenly getting ALL posts?


EDIT #2 - I've notice it's only with Mike's posts that I'm seeing him AT mentioning others.  All the rest seem to be just mentioning me.  


And more and more posts keep coming in suddenly.  Being bombarded here.  Didn't happen when you made the transfer a couple of weeks ago.





Example #2