11 years and I started here

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Yep.  It's been 11 years.  I have officially NOT smoked 80,300 cigarettes.
When I quit, I changed my direct deposit at work to deposit the same amount of money I used to spend on smokes into a fidelity checking account.  Usually, every few months I would withdraw the cash and go out to dinner, buy a TV, or some other frivolous thing to reward myself.  Sometimes I would buy a little stock in some company that would catch my attention from the news or something.
This weekend, I sold the stock and bought myself a 50th birthday present.

Feel free to peruse my writings.  I am a true believer in the Alan Carr method.  Nicotine alternatives will continue your false beliefe that you are not able to quit and that you do not have the strength without a crutch.  Quitting is SIMPLE!.  It is NOT easy, but if you can refuse to smoke THIS cigarette.  and do it again...  Value every minute you haven't been smoking, and realize that one relapse makes all your previous efforts worthless and in vain.  You will quit because it is important for you to do so.  It is just a decision to make.  But you have to make it.
No sports coach ever sent the team out to TRY to win.  Non-smokers don't need a cigarette to calm down to the level a non-smoker is naturally.  It is the cigarette that you last smoked that makes you want the next one.  Feel the withdrawals and be pleased by them.  They are the symptoms of winning.

Birthday Present