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HOW ABOUT ANY OF YOU? This is what I use to BE like in MY using YEARS- please I am talking about ME not anyone else- please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - thank YOU.  I use to smoke at people. I use to blame people. I use to ask other users for their cigs when I had none. I use to beg God in MY prayers for money to buy cigs. I use to buy cigs FIRST and then food for kids. I use to smoke when I was in hospital with double pneumonia and on oxygen - I would sneak in the bathroom with MY girlfriend - who I called to bring ME cigs. I use to pick up cig butts off streets on MY native american reservation given to ME by this government and told to STAY on MY side of town- do not go to the area of city belonging to the WHITE people ONLY- and when I was 4 years old with MY sister and this other child - WE -  collected cig butts off those streets in a coffee can for MY grandma and WE smoked them before giving her OUR collection of cig butts. I use to smoke 50 cigs a day studying MY bible. I use to smoke 50 cigs to cope with MY day. I use to smoke over MY emotions - MY pride or being jealous of people - I craved attention to be the ONE- I use to smoke 50 cigs a day because I hated MYSELF and I hated MY life - I use to smoke over MY evil tormenting childhood memories - OH MY - the list can go to infinity! TODAY MARCH 16 , 2019 - Saturday and Only by God's grace by MY FAITH in MY Lord Jesus and HIS tender mercies and blessing ME for 8 years - I choose of MY OWN free will - to live a CHRIST JESUS  life style and He doesn't use NICOTINE to live and neither DO I - amen. TODAY - I try to believe trust and obey in MY Lord Jesus name by MY FAITH to DO what was done for ME in the beginning on this site and at - reading ALL the  blogs here and watching videos at - and to be encouraging and understanding and HELPFUL with what was said to ME in the beginning - to remember - what I use to be like 8 years ago -  in the beginning of - 1-06-2011- to remember the ELDERS tough love teaching and their SUGGESTING -  NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - over MYSELF or life on lifes terms - EVERYONE dies - no one gets OUT of here on this planet earth without dying - so I took the SUGGESTIONS from Thomas who is in hospital now and Ellen who is sick and needs time off to regroup and Nancy who is dealing with cancer and Tommy who doesn't come here around much - he use to give ME hope while I rode his train and Doris who passed away two years ago - Doris sent ME love graphics and i miss the music that played when i visited her page - BEFORE they updated this site- Jojo who was blessed by God with new lung transplant hasn't been back in a long long time and teresa and mothergoose connie got jobs and don't come here that much anymore and a deer in head lights-and Laura who taught ME to eat a menthol cough drop instead of using NICOTINE and I miss them. - yet I did NOT forget what they SUGGESTED TO ME - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER and said life is going to happen DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE THATS HOW WE STAY QUIT - GROW UP - GO HELP THE NEXT SUFFERING NICOTINE ADDICT- thanks for letting ME share - gentle hug.