How do you go about Cold Turkey?

Discussion created by richard4 on May 8, 2009
For me, after about an hour without a cigarette, I get EXTREMELY hungry. I'm fit for my age. I have a vey fast metabolism and smoking does help that. Not in any beneficial way though. So without smoking, I can eat and eat and eat. While this helps rid the cravings, I do want to smoke one right after I eat. But that urge is less strong after about eight hours or so.
If I am not doing anything, this is the biggest problem I have, as without smoking I constantly have to be moving about doing something, then I like to read a book and drink a lot of water. This is usually where I relapse at. I am usually around smokers or in smoking environments. It's a trigger that is rather difficult for me to overcome.
Say I am rather busy and keeping myself in that state of mind that I know I do not need one, then I find that I am eating a lot healthier and my system is beginning to feel much more cooperative. It's as if I am reconnecting with my body again. Essentially, that's what I am doing without cigarettes. I'm letting my body reestablish a normal state. This is usually where the urges are strong, but quickly go away and after a period of time become few and far between.
This is coming from a person who has attemped and failed on occasion. I am not giving up however. I hate smoking but I find myself coming back to this little "friend."
I hope everyone will be able to stop smoking in their own time and find their own strengths, as I am attempting to do.