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Discussion created by kristi-hood on Aug 18, 2008
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My srory is like most i want to quit so that i could be around for my little one and we are trying to have another baby and know that is why i have not got prg, i also have a fam history of hart prolems my grandmother pass way the day after 63rd bday she had 3 hart sugerys the last one she did not make it. i was 14 and was so deprest so that is when i stared to smoke. i quit when i was prg with my little one then went right back. At the first of this year my uncle passaway from lung cancer then the day that i got from his graveside service my husbend grandmother pass away i have took care of her the last 4 years she had copd hart problems and was in a wellchiar, it about killed me the hardest part was telling my 5 yold she was very very close to her we sal her everyday, and ask my why i told her that she had hart problems and god wanted her to came home then she told me mommy you need to quit so you dont go to heven it killed me, so i did but not for long my grandfather became very ill he had alzimers and moved in with my fam and then we had to put him in a home he pass away in july i sal him slowly die so i whent back to and i m once again quitng with the help of wellbutron i know i wll do it this time if any one has any adive let me know
kristi from east texas