50 reasons to quit smoking.

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1. I'll have fewer wrinkles.

2. After the first year, I'll have saved enough for a Caribbean cruise.

3. My breath will smell better than my dog's.

4. After the second year, I can spend the money I saved on the best trip ever.

5. I'll be around to see my grandchildren.

6. I won't have to worry about running out of restaurants to smoke.

8. There are new drugs that can help.

9. My physician won't need to "counsel" me anymore.

10. I'll live longer.

11. I won't feel like a leper in public.

12. I won't have to worry about how smoking is ruining my health.

13. The average person tries to stop smoking at least four times before succeeding. I'm on No. 3, and I don't want to be average.

14. I won't have to hide my habit from my children.

15. My fingers won't get frostbitten when I go outside.

16. I'll be able to exercise more.

17. In time, I'll have the same life expectancy as a nonsmoker.

18. My cat won't get emphysema.

19. I'll cough less.

20. I'll be able to taste and smell food  again.

21. My children will have fewer ear and respiratory infections.

22. My lipstick won't smudge.

23. I won't have to wonder if my date is bothered by cigarette smoke.

24. My teeth will be whiter.

25. I won't waste time looking for a smoking area everywhere I go.

26. No more wheezing.

27. I won't have to listen to talk about what it's like to kiss an ashtray.

28. There are some medicines that can help me stop smoking can also help prevent weight gain, which in turn will save me from spending money on bigger clothes.
29. My plants won't turn brown.

30. My baby will be at lower risk for sudden infant death syndrome.

31. My fingers won't turn brown, unless of course I've been eating messy foods.

32. It's one less thing to carry around.

33. My lungs won't turn brown.

34. No more burning holes in my clothes.

35. My spouse will be less likely to develop heart disease or lung cancer.

36. I'll have to pull off the road only when I need gas.

37. My car won't reek.

38. I won't need to look forward to receiving oxygen through a nasal tube.

39. My house won't reek.

40. I'll save my unborn child from nicotine withdrawal.

41. I won't reek. Even if I take weird health vitamins...I hope.

42. I'll be able to play with my grandchildren without gasping.

43. I won't have to feel second class anymore.

44. No more nicotine fits on airplanes.

45. I'll have more energy.

46. I'll save money on dry cleaning.

47. I'll make new friends.

48. I'll be able to get rid of something that is controlling my life.

49. I'll be a good role model for my children.

50. I'm ready.


50 Reasons to Quit Smoking