My silly dog

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Feb 6, 2019
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This is my dog. Her name is Abbey.

She looks like a super smart critter, doesn't she? Well, she's about the silliest thing in the world. She makes me laugh every single day. She just turned 6 and I'm not ready for her to grow older yet. 


Abbey used to be my smoking buddy. Almost every time I walk by the front door, she looks to the door as if I'm going to open it and we're going on the front porch. I posted recently that I finally was brave enough to sit on the porch and do some sanding. She was gloriously comfortable on the other end of the glider. And today, she keeps looking at the front door longingly. I keep telling her that we don't do that anymore, but she doesn't listen


She also is my walking buddy. Let me explain that. I go outside and walk my mile (12 laps around my fenced yard) and she sits and watches. Again, she just cracks me up. I do one cool down lap after the 12 and tell her it's my last one. If I say that more than once or twice, she gets up and starts running as if there's no tomorrow.


Over the weekend, my husband put on her harness and left to go walking with her in the woods and I went with them. It totally threw her off that I was there. 


Lastly, she's such a good listener. If she could tell you the things I've said as I've been going through this quit, I'd be so embarrassed. She gives me those big eyes and big ears, and she becomes my audience of one. 


Anyway, I just wanted to veer away from my quit for a couple minutes and introduce you to Abbey. She's the best quit buddy a gal could ever have.



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