Quitting Companion

Discussion created by Dedon on Jan 30, 2019
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Hi! I'm new here. I made my quitting day February 4th, the cosmic New Year. I have smoked for 41 years. Quit 5 times when I was pregnant, so I have quit only when everything else chemically was going on. I am extremely independent, creative and always very busy with big projects, small projects, you-name-it. I am my own energy ball. I can distract myself to every end, have great sources, reserves of pleasure, activities, etc. And yet, there is no space I cannot place smoking in between it all. So being this independent, and having smoking inter-woven into every transitioning space in my head, I feel like I need a sponsor. Fiercely independent me needs a quitting coach (text, email). Or, at least a quitting buddy. 24/7? This is about the only deterent I have not had. Is there anyone willing to do this? What words of wisdom do you have for me right now? Thank you for hearing me. Regards & hear you soon. Dedon