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Cravings Last Hours

Question asked by Elyse_x on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by elvan

An ex-smoker recently told me, "a cigarette craving lasts 180 seconds." (???)

My cravings last all day long!!!!!!!! Can this be true?? 

The cravings make me so impatient and so emotional- I am at my worst when I want a cigarette. I talk about it all day. I have not bought a pack since the new year (almost a month!) but am dependent on Nicorette. It seems like satisfying the nicotine craving is only PART of the problem- I really liked actually smoking. I understand that I have to stop, it's been nearly ten years since I started. Almost none of my friends smoke anymore- they all quit and now its just me. 

Do cravings actually have time limits? Is this just psychological?