Momma Pt. 3, Save the World by JWG

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Third in the "Momma" series written by QSMB's JWG, "The Invisible Man".  Lots of good stuff and kernel's of truth even when he was being silly, as he often was.


rip, John... 12/28/13 of Lung cancer, age 50.jwg


Momma pt 3,    save the world


Oh dear god some one has to save the world from me

I am afraid it has a  born again non smoker on it hands

I do not have a super hero suit but will be buying a football helmet in the morning,,

 I was just minding my own business while walking into the market tonight  and there were these rough looking dudes in leather and chains standing out side smoking there cancer sticks.. So I felt the need to go up to them and ask.. Why didn’t they just blow there efen brains out it would be quicker

  This is not a good way to break the ice. Well luckily  I can run faster then I could just not to long ago and they ran out of breath about half way back to my truck.. We have a different store I went to instead .. And lucky for me just a little old lady sitting on the bench smoking her cigarette, she could not hurt me ,, and what I could see not caring a cane..

  So I felt compelled to sit next to her for a min and see if I could get  her to see the light.. And I asked if she has ever seen it.. Well her reply was no she was old not dead.. So I need a new approach and asked her if she could read.. She told me to piss off she wasn’t going to read me a story.. Dam smokers got no time for anyone.. Well I was not about to give up but knew I could not play the old age card here

 So I said if you quit smoking you would not be such a mean old *****

,, this is when I realized I need a foot ball helmet .. How that little old lady swung a 40 pound purse is beyond me

  When I came too, I thought I would just run over to burger king I was no longer in the mood for shopping and cooking when I got home.. And lucky me there was a car load of mis guided youth sitting in there car smoking cigarettes. So I said between the 6 of you ,you would think one of you had the cense to not smoke,, well again I need to work on my approach,, I have a lot of good ideas. I just have trouble with that whole in your face shock value thing ..

  I’m not 100% sure what they were saying but the guns did not look like they wanted a chit chat about smoking and nicotine  addiction

Im saying they might have had some other issues that should be addressed as well..

  So after a quick get away and no food I just went home hungry

And what to my surprise is there .. Momma sitting  on the couch

Smoking a cigarette and not only now dose she have her head shaved but has gotten a cross tattooed right between her eyes. I says what are you one of the Manson girls now or just Charlie him self

  So back to the foot ball helmet,, have you ever been wawped  in the head with a glass ashtray at about 80 miles per hour.. My god that woman has an arm..  I ant even talking to her about not smoking not this night,, I would like to actually live to see the sun come up’’

  I have a lot of work to do spreading the word of  not smoking and nicotine addiction.. I just need to find some friendly smokers. That don’t carry guns, 40 pound purses or glass ashtrays..

  You know come to think about it on line might be a way to go

I bet I could join the hells angles web site there sure to have a lot of smokers that need saving


 Oh well  I am going to go now,, I need to find that new goat we got the other day .. There is a lot of trash in the kitchen that needs cleaning up..

Oh PS things didn’t work out so well with Peggy sue getting married,, things were going fine till one night they tried to pull the old switch a roo,, turns out one of them Peggy sues aint no girl