Another patch question

Discussion created by Gwenivere on Jan 18, 2019
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I’m asking for feedback from other patch users about getting the cold sweats like clockwork every night.  This is a new development that started within the last 2 weeks in my 6th week of using the 14mgs ones.  I can be freezing lower body, but this kicks in about 6 hours after I have applied it.  I appreciate people’s thoughts to ditch them, but I’m going to stick with the program.  Cigs first, nicotine later.  The lozenges help some.  I also have.anxiety.disorder, but this was never a symptom.  I have my docs OK extend my stay on this dose.  I don’t wear them for sleep.  Has anyone experienced this?  It started at week 4 and I am at week 6.  Do they peek and start pooping out?  My brain is getting what it did smoking and had seemed to be adjusting til,this started happening.  I called the manufacturer to report it.  They had no answers.  I’m wondering if it was a bad lot or the stress levels are so high it’s not as dffective as it was. It’s not a perfect system,  but.i knew I couldn’ cold turkey.  Hard to think about step in game down to 7 with this happening.  I like the longest as I can control those.